Legend Boat Company

www.legendmarine.com  1-870-481-6750

legendx75I have run a ton of different boats over my fishing career.  And there are a few good boat brands available to an angler today.  But when it comes to the ride, fish-ability, and customization I have to take my hat off to Legend.  I have run their boats for the past 5 seasons and I look forward to running one for the 2014 season.  The boats offer a solid, fast and dry ride that I love and the fishing platform is solid as a rock.  From the no wood hull to the great gel coat finishes you will see that every inch of the boat has been thought out for angler convenience and quality.  All of the latches on the boat are stainless steel, and every box is completely finished out.  So that means when you have to work in the bilge area of the boat you will not get fiberglass splinters in your hand and arms.  I personally run the Alpha 199 SC, I have had 2 of these boats and I love them.  From fishing shallow to deep this 20 foot boat will handle everything.  If you are looking to purchase a bass boat you owe it to yourself to look at this great company.

Power Pole

www.power-pole.com  1-813-689-9932

powere-pole-logox75This product has changed the way I fish as both a competitor and a guide.  I have used Power Poles since 2009 and I can safely say I will not own a boat without them.  The poles are fast, quiet, and allow me to fish the way I want to without spooking the fish.  And now with the addition of the drift paddles the poles can be used both in shallow water and out fishing your favorite ledge.  Without my Power poles I would not be able to guide on Lake Okeechobee in the fashion that I like.  The poles allow me to keep the boat stable and secure so my clients can enjoy fishing on a solid platform.  In tournaments the poles are one of the key components to my success, I use them to stop to fish a piece of cover or to combat the wind.  The poles allow me as an angler to fish large grass flats, rows of docks, flooded brush, and isolated cover regardless of the wind or conditions.  JL Marine offer poles in various lengths and styles to fit your fishing and boating needs.  If you are looking to upgrade your current boat or are having a new boat built I highly recommend you give the crew at JL Marine a call and let them help take your fishing to another level!!


www.keelshield.com  1-888-594-5335

hi-res KeelShield.75SS marine Products build some of the best products to protect your boat on the market today.  They offer products to protect your keel, bow, swimming decks, and skeg from damage.  I personally use their Keel Shield on my 199 Alpha Legend.  It allows me to pull the boat up on the bank and not worry about damaging the bottom of my boat.  I am also a fan of their Bow guards, we all of have seen the eye bolt on the front of a boat with damage to the fiberglass around it and this product not only stops that issue, it will also cover up old damage and not allow for more damage to occur.  The products that SS Marine offers will not only increase the value of your watercraft they will also give you years of performance with no maintenance.  So if you are looking to protect your watercraft give the team at SS Marine a call and they will give you the right products to match your needs.

Denali Rods

www.denalirods.com  1-870-492-2231

Denali Rods Logox75This is not your normal rod company; the company was started with an idea.  Offer high quality rods for anglers at all fishing levels.  I have used their products for the past 4 years and I have nothing but good things to say.  The quality of the workmanship is easily seen when you hold a Denali Rod, regardless of which series you are looking at.  I personally like to use the Rosewood series; I have highlighted a few of the rods that I use the most below:

Frog Rod, R824FG 6’10’’

This rod is great for throwing faux frogs regardless if you are buzzing them across the surface or walking the dog.  The rod has plenty of backbone to pull fish from the thick cover while still having enough tip to cast and walk hollow frogs.  And it is light enough to fish all day without getting worn out.  You can also use this rod to throw rattle baits or blade baits with braided line with ease.

Umbrella rig/Punch rod R955 FX 7’11’’

If you have thrown the Alabama rig you know how heavy of a rig it can be to cast and control.  The team at Denali went to work to design a rod that had enough tip to cast both a Rig and a Swim bait but had the back bone to allow an angler to feel and control what’s on the other end of the line.  And after using this rod to throw both Umbrella Rigs and also to punch mats I can tell you they hit the nail on the head.

Michael Murphy Jerk Bait Rod S802JBC 6’8’’

This rod was designed by FLW Pro Michael Murphy, it is a perfect rod to throw small to medium jerk baits.  It has a great action that allows the rod to bend when a hooked fish surges so you do not pull out the small hooks normally associated with jerk baits while also giving you the right amount of backbone to set the hook on the fish.  I have also found this rod to be very good at throwing small top water plugs such as a Rebel Pop R, Splash It and a Lucky Craft gunfish.

SMI Marine

www.smimarine.com  1-502-435-8113

smi marinex75A great boat dealership and service center for Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio residents.  The techs at SMI are factory trained and ready to service all of your inboard and outboard needs.  As a Mercury service center you can get all of your motor repair needs done with the peace of mind that comes from a Authorized service center.  SMI is also a Legend Bass Boat dealer and they always have a few new rides sitting in their showroom for you to stop by and see.  But if fishing is not your thing and you are looking for a new Pontoon boat SMI is now a Starcraft Pontoon dealer.  Check out their website for their current inventory of new and used boats or to schedule a test ride in one of their great boat lines!!

Wayne Rod and Reel Repair


Wayne's logox75Wayne has been keeping my equipment working flawlessly for over 16 years.  His attention to detail is second to none.  Below you will find a wide range of services the Wayne offer:

  1. Basic reel cleaning
  2. Reel repair
  3. Rod guide/tip repair
  4. Reel upgrades, ask Wayne about high grade bearings and gears to maximize your reels performance
  5. Custom rod building, I have seen Wayne build rods in every style, color, and combination imaginable.  Give him a call at 812-322-1000 and let him design a rod that is perfect for you.  He can match the colors of your boat, favorite sporting team to the rod so you will always know it is a rod built just for you.  Wayne will also build rods with grips, guides, and reel seats that fit your style of fishing so you can have the rod you want with the components you need.

Mercury Outboards


mercury logox75Mercury offers a great line of products to fit all of your boating needs, from runabouts to pontoon boats Mercury has your engine needs covered.  I personally run a 225 Optimax XS on my Legend 199.  It offers all of the key components I look for in an engine, from great fuel mileage to a wide power band and strong top end speed.  As with all outboards there is a service schedule that you should keep to extend the life and use of your motor.  Mercury offers a wide range of products to help keep your motor running strong.  Contact the team at SMI Marine to inquire about a new motor or to have your current motor tuned up and they will make sure you are back on the water quickly and safely.



imalogox75  I have only begin to scratch the surface of using this companies lures.  But I love 2 baits for sure.  The first IMA bait I got was a Skimmer, and what an awesome top water plug.  It has the classic walk the dog action but what sets it apart is the boil it creates during your cadence and also the slim design that helps me match the hatch.  I also use the Flit 100 Jerk Bait to entice spring pre-spawn bass into biting.  The bait suspends between 3-5 feet deep with 10lb Fluorocarbon line.  At with its size of 100mm it matches most of the bait fish in the lakes that I fish.





There are a lot of companies that produce tungsten fishing weights.  But there is not another company that produces the quality of weights as Reins.  You can find everything you need in weights with Reins.  From Drop-Shotting, to Flipping a Big Weight they have you covered.  Great finishes that take the abuse and an insert to keep you line from fraying are just a couple of the reasons I only fish Reins weights.




Outdoor Website Designs – Outdoor Website Designs made especially for the Outdoorsmen. Websites built for RESULTS, not just looks!  I have had a few websites built over time with different companies and there has not been anyone that compares to OWD staff and sites.  These guys not only build a great site that can drive up sales they take the time to walk you through every step of the process!!