Real Deal Custom Fishing Tackle

As many of you know I love to throw a jig. I don’t really care if it is a football jig on a ledge or swimming a jig through the grass I always have an assortment of jigs tied on every time I hit the water. Throughout the years I have used an assortment of different brands and styles to fish water across the country. And there are a lot of good products out for all level of anglers to use. This past spring I went on a hunt to find a company to make jigs in the colors and styles that fit my fishing style. From jigs to shaky heads I have sizes and hooks that I cannot find from the big tackle companies. After a lot of research and emails I have found my hidden gem of a bait company. Real Deal Custom Tackle. This season I have had them make me custom jig skirts, custom jig heads, and the best shaky heads I have ever fished. And to top it off their prices are no more than ordering from a larger company. Brad also has other tackle available that I have not tried yet, but what I have used is great stuff. So if you are looking to restock your tackle box take a look at and see what you can find.
If you have something that you want Brad to build send him an email and he will try to help you out.
If you have any questions about the products I use of Brads feel free to email me.

Till Next Time