Lithium Pro Batteries

I got my new set of Lithium Pro Marine batteries installed in the 199 Legend a few days ago.  I have used a ton of different types of batteries and brands for my boats.  And with all of the previous types of batteries I have used there have been positive and negatives.  From Wet cell batteries breaking during rough boat rides to the weight of AGM or Gel Cell batteries they all have plus and minuses.  But I am having a hard time finding a negative with the Lithium batteries.  Now let me explain I understand the price is higher with the Lithium and I am not comparing the batteries in regards to price. I am just explaining the difference between the different types of batteries in my experience.  The Lithium batteries weigh 22 pounds each compared to a 75 pound AGM, therefore I lightened up my boat by approximately 159 pounds or one person.  With this change I gained approximately 4 MPH on top end.  The trolling motor is where I found the biggest improvement.  During normal fishing conditions I have my 80 Minn Kota Fortex set between 65 -70 percent, with the Lithium Pros I have it set at 40 percent.  When I turn the trolling motor all the way up it darn near makes current.  I have ran my boat with a 101 Minn Kota and the power and speed are comparable.

A few other advantages of the Lithium Pros:

1.  Less than 4 hour complete recharge time

2.  High resistance to vibration damage

3.  Self shut off after sitting for 10 days in the garage. “No more battery drain off while I am not fishing”

4.  Full 12 plus volts of power continuously “Fast engine starts, strong trolling motor performance”

If you are looking to get a set of these batteries let me know and I will answer any questions I can and also put you in contact with the great people at Lithium Pros

Till next time