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I got a chance to spend a few hours on the water with Mr. Randy Kuhens owner of Kick’NBass Guide service on Kentucky Lake working on my electronics.  Mr. Kuhens offers a 3 hour personalized Electronic Sonar class that I would recommend to anyone looking to get more out of their electronics.  I use Lowrance electronics, I have had them on my boats for the past 15 plus years and I thought I could use them pretty well.  But after a couple hours on the water with Randy I learned that I was not even scratching the surface of what the units can do.

Here is a quick description of what the class included.  Contact Randy to get more details or take a look at his website

We spent about 1 hour on the ramp checking transducer locations and angles.  He then went through each unit changing settings and getting everything in correct working order.  During the whole process Randy took the time to explain to me what he was doing and why.  After we got everything lined out we launched the boat and went looking around.  We discussed way-point management, how to use the different GPS tools and the most import how to interpret what I was seeing on the screen  I learned more in 3 hours of time with Randy than I have in years of on the water tinkering.  If you want to get your system tuned up give Randy a call and schedule a trip with him

Randy Kuhens

Kick’NBass Guide Service


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