Father and Son trip



Devin’s New Personal Best!!

I got the privilege to spend the last couple days fishing with Mr. David Collins and his son Devin Collins.  As most people know who follow my outdoor career know the value I put on adults taking the time to teach the youth of our country to enjoy the outdoors.  It does not matter if it is hunting, fishing, hiking our just watching wildlife we need to take the time to teach our youth.  These kids will be the ones making decisions on our environment in a few years and we have to show them the value of it.  So I applaud Mr. David Collins for taking the time out to take Devin out on the Big O for a couple days of bass fishing.

I will get off of my soap box now and tell you about our trip!  Over the past 2 days we were able to catch multiple Bass in the 5 pound plus range!  I am not going to say who caught the biggest fish we will leave that up to Dave and Devin to decide.  But I will say they both caught fish that broke their personal record and I am sure they made some great memories.

I want to thank both David and Devin for spending a couple days on the water with me and till next time…..


Capt. KW