About Me

Throughout the years of traveling and competing I have relied on my family to be my moral support. It takes a strong support group to help keep your attitude positive after a bad event and to help you celebrate a good finish. Life as an angler can be very trying both on me and even more on my family.

My dad has been my biggest supporter since I started fishing, he carried me to the woods and to the water anytime he was able to. I have learned my love for the outdoors from my dad, he has always taken the time to teach me how to conserve and enjoy the outdoors. Throughout the years he has always had a strong shoulder for me to lean on when I had bad events and he has always helped me to remain level headed when I have success. I would not be the angler or person I am today without my dad’s support and love throughout the years. Thanks Dad!!

My mom passed in 2003, as I was growing up she was imperative in my development as a person which transfers into how I pursue my passion of angling. She helped me in school and always supported me in my endeavors on the water and in life. In her honor I had my logo designed to reflect on the day she passed. If you look closely to the logo you will notice it looks like a 6 and there are 2 small lines on the right side that make an 11. The date 6/11 will always be in my mind as the day I lost one of the most important and influential people in my life. Thank you mom for all you did for me and I will always try to act and perform in your honor.

My grandfather carried me to the local rivers, lakes and streams so I could fish with him from the time I was old enough to handle a fishing pole. He taught me an endless number of both outdoor and life lessons. From reading the water in a river to making sure we were never late for grandma’s supper. He lived his life as a model husband, believer, and role model. There is not a day I can drive by a river or launch my boat and not think about him and all he has done for me. Rest in Peace Grandpa….

Local anglers,
Since I was 14 years old I have been carried out fishing by the best local anglers in my area. They took the time to teach me how to fish and how to approach different situations on the water. It would have been very easy for these anglers not to take the time or energy to carry out a young angler. But without their knowledge and effort I would not have had the opportunities in the outdoor industry that I have today. Thank you all for taking the time to help me in my pursuit of my angling career.